Orixá Bloco is a performing Afro-Brazilian samba band that run weekly drumming sessions and offer workshops with specialist teachers. The band is a carnival art project and open to new members from the community. We welcome experienced players, especially drummers with skill in hand drumming or with sticks and equally we welcome beginners.


If you like nice vibes, grooving hard and tasty percussion tunes then this group is for you!


The music we play is high energy, quality carnival samba drumming music- We use surdos, caixas/snares, timbals (hand drums, similar to congas) repeniques, agogo bells and shekeres. In Orixá Bloco you can develop your skills as a surdo player, stick player, hand drummer and with hand percussion.


The music is largely inspired by the rhythms, dance and groups from Northern Brazil and includes the highly symbolic rhythms of candomblé (ritual drumming for the Brazilian Orishas- deities) played and danced in carnival style.


The tunes played in Orixá Bloco are written, arranged or transcribed by the Musical Director- professional musician, Helen Curtis-Streich, and other respected percussionists within the field.


The beauty of percussion is that most people can begin with little difficulty. Its many levels of complexity mean that a beginner or an experienced musician can exist within the same group and be equally challenged. Drumming in a band such as this is powerful, engaging and good fun.


Mondays 7-9pm: Beehive Mill, Hebble End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6HJ

Cost: £5 per session

Membership fee: £20/15 payable each term (Spring, Summer and Winter


New players are welcome to come along for a session or two before joining.


Orixá Bloco is largely an adult group, however if you do have an under 18 who is musical and keen to learn, then get in touch to discuss as they may be considered at our discretion.