Orixá Bloco dance troupe is an Afro-Brazilian dance outfit that practices and performs to the live sound of Orixá Bloco drummers. The dance is choreographed specifically to the music of Orixá Bloco.


This energetic, beautiful and powerful dance form, together with the costume is largely inspired by the rhythms and dance from Northern Brazil and includes the highly symbolic dances of the Brazilian Orixás (deities) performed in carnival style. It is choreographed in a way that enables it to work for parades as well as static performances


The dance is choreographed by our Dance Director, Bridget Withycombe-Wharton. The music is written, arranged or transcribed by the Musical Director- professional musician, Helen Curtis-Streich and other respected percussionists within the field.


If you are interested in joining the dance troupe, please get in touch, as some experience of dance may be required and spaces are limited.